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Juvenile Tree Swallow & Catbird ☺️

Feeding a clutch of orphaned House Wrens

Chilling on a rainy day.....

Another day at the office......

Baby Jay has a lot to say about his first bath! πŸ˜„

Bluebird feeding πŸ’™

Baby Blues are doing fantastic! Getting cuter by the hour 😊

Baby Blue Birds were admitted today. Their parents were both found deceased on the property near their nest box. This is likely a sign of pesticide poisoning. Please, please do not spray insecticides in or near your yard...... birds eat insects as well as feed them to their young, running the chance of causing their babies to become sick or die πŸ™.

Window strike Vireo, only needed about 20 minutes of rest and safety before he came to and flew back off πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

After cleaning out the infected eye..... He'll be on Tylan for awhile now.

We've been seeing a greater number of Micoplasma Conjunctivitis cases with House Finches this year πŸ™

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